The Cedarstrip Canoe

Cedarstrip canoe building video‘s are what got Trailguide Pictures started. Now, after reaching an online audience of over 30,000 views per month, we’ve re-filmed a canoe build with our new 4K cameras to produce a cedarstrip canoe building video that we’d be proud of as a short film.

The Cedarstrip Canoe is a short film by canoe builder and outdoorsman Jason Eke.

The Cedarstrip Canoe is an overview of the building process and contains other important information about owning or paddling a cedarstrip canoe. The film is a great starting point or companion film for anyone interested in building or owning a cedarstrip canoe.

Download your copy of The Cedarstrip Canoe

“I remember when I was first starting out and interested in building a cedar-strip canoe. I researched, read and watched every resource that I could find before eventually building my first boat. With this film, The Cedarstrip Canoe, I wanted to provide new independent builders with a short film which outlines a build and answers a lot of questions they may have.” – Jason Eke

The Cedarstrip Canoe